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Our Vision

To find and build unique AI solutions through conducting research and development of AI technology in various fields that will be the best partner for your particular needs.



Since the word of AI had originated in 1956, We have seen the word “AI” everywhere in our life.

Current AI technology has significantly increased the ability of voice and image data recognition along with language processing capability by applying neurotechnology “Deep Neural Network” that applies the research results of brain science, and many of the important fields of society in the future will necessarily be related to artificial intelligence.

Due to the efforts of certain engineers and research institutes, many AI technologies have already exceeded the capabilities of humans in various fields.

However, the AI research we are aiming for is not in the development of "AI beyond humans" but in "AI that supports and contributes to humans." In a society in which humans play a leading role, we aim to achieve a world where everyone can make the most of AI as a tool.



  • Natural Language Processing

    Developing interactive AI system, text analysis system. Creating natural language processing, extracting data, machine translation etc

  • Image Data

    Image analysis to obtain statistical data, various biometric authentication systems including face recognition, fingerprint and IrisVisual inspection on the production line

  • Voice

    AI assistant with built-in smart speaker, Work efficiency improvement using voice recognition, Speech synthesis and voice generation, Automatic creation of meeting minutes

  • Optimization

    Online advertising and search engine, Optimization by original crawling technology



Mr. Mitsuharu Nishimoto is founder and current CEO of BuzzGraph, Inc.
which he started in 2015. Earlier in his career he developed distribution system development at Technobrain, Inc. before advancing on to become CEO of C2cube, Inc.
Mr. Nishimoto also released his own natural language processing system, artificial intelligence dialogue system, and big data analysis system, and provided a large number of Web API systems to major beverage manufacturers and automobile manufacturers also involved in many patents for language analysis.


Mr. Masaaki Yoshimura is founder and CEO of Future Trek Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yoshimura engaged in various developments such as medical and welfare equipment, automobile-related equipment, and power-related equipment. Previously Mr. Yoshimura was in charge of product technology development at Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd and was also involved in various developments such as communication technology including satellite communication, measurement technology, power line communication technology and ion chromatography measurement technology.

Future Trek

Mr. Toshiaki Sakamoto has a degree in Applied Mathematics Faculty of Science at Fukuoka University, Japan. Engaged in various developments as a system engineer at major electronics manufacturers such as Fujitsu Limited and Panasonic Corporation. Mr. Sakamoto specializes in information systems, servers, and security construction. In addition, also has knowledge about charging systems and settlement systems.

Mr. Keiichi Tsukamoto has a PhD in Information Science and Electrical Engineering at Kyushu University, Japan.
After Graduated Mr Tsukamoto engaged in various research projects as an academic researcher at the Kyushu University, such as research on power loss reduction by transformer division of switching power supply circuits and devices for size and weight reduction suitable for field use of scent sensor systems.

Mr. Ryutaro Noguchi has a degree in Faculty Science at Kyushu University, Japan. Involved in the development of various systems such as business systems for local governments and power companies, mobile phone apps, e-book apps, firmware, communication charge gateway devices for telecommunication carriers, and drive recorders.
Currently, Mr. Noguchi specializes in compression technology, and is developing a super-animal-damaging-animal-species AI with far infrared array sensor.

Mr. Hiroto Murakami graduated at Monroe High School in Michigan, U.S.A and had a degree in Economics at Keio University, Japan. Mr. Murakami joined Bayleys, a New Zealand real estate company, in July 2003 where he currently works expanding business of investing real estate and venture capital business around the world. Prior roles include working for a major US Life Insurance company followed by a Researcher role at Integrated Planning Department in the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd.

Asset Cube NZ Limited

Mr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto is an Investor and Founder of a support venture company. Mr. Sakamoto has a degree in Liberal Arts at Saitama University, Japan.
After working as an accounting officer, Mr. Sakamoto held an executive position at a major investment advisory company in Japan before becoming independent in April 2014. Developing business in South Korea, New Zealand, Mongolia, Philippines, etc. Mr Sakamoto has recently established a company in 2019 to support venture companies, and is striving every day to expand business for AI companies.


Mr. Naohito Soga is involved in various product designs such as mainframes; routers and server products at a major electronics manufacture company’s including mounting design, control product quality, SST etc. Currently Mr. Soga’s main role is proposing alliances and consulting with other companies. In addition, he has qualifications for electronic equipment special skill certification and is a vocational training instructor providing guidance mentoring to the next generation.


Mr. Yusuke Nozaki is after gaining experience in the development and investment business at a real estate company, a real estate investment company was established.In addition to real estate, we began overseas expansion, including business investment, in 2007.
The company currently resides overseas and operates more than 40 companies worldwide, including AI developers.


Mr. Shinji Hayashi is an Associate with a venture capital business and also involved in digital strategy at investee companies. Previously a designer at an apparel maker company, Mr. Hayashi then became a freelance designer in web production for a period of six years before returning to his hometown where he became a web producer and consulted in area’s such as marketing, promotion, UI/UX, CRM mainly for EC sites of major manufacturer companies.


Mr. Takashi Miyashita is an Investor and CEO of HECTOL Co., Ltd. Over a three year period he has engaged in setting up 7 companies in various industry’s and been involved in exiting 3 companies, he has also supported the establishement of venture companies specializing in classical ballet, pet apparel business and home-visit nursing business.
Recently he has been coaching entrepreneurs to support their businesses and directing HECTOL’s overseas real estate matching service “Sekai no Izumi”.



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  • Phone:+81 (0)50 5866 7978


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